Aquadpure Copper Ro Water Filter Purifier for Home, Kitchen Fully Automatic UV + UF+TDS Controller, Suitable for all type of water supply


Price: ₹24,999 - ₹4,799.00
(as of Sep 01, 2023 15:43:28 UTC – Details)

12-stage filtration, 12-liter storage, High quality grey & Black color filters. With Active Copper Filter Series. Be Sure to Drink Pure. Branded UV LED and Mineral for best-in-class purity. Elegant black look, Storage 12 Liters. The purifier has a multi-stage purification due to its RO+UV+UF+TDS controller and filters. The pre-filter and sediment filters contain microns that sieve out impurities and sediments.
Suitable for purification of brackish, tap water & municipal water supply
RO technology reduces TDS, hardness, and removes pesticides & heavy metals. Eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa & cysts
Multiple purification by RO+UV+UF+Copper+ TDS Control which removes even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides & fluorides, and kills bacteria and viruses to make water pure and suitable for drinking with goodness of Copper
Includes – RO Purifier, Pre Filter, Installation accessories, user manual. Installation – You need to pay Upto Rs. 500/- to the technician for installation.
Taste Adjuster (MTDS) controller enables adjustment of taste depending upon the source of water
Wall mountable design to be suited for domestic purpose

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