Arroser Pure Aqua Neeo Zinc Copper Alkaline RO Water Purifier RO+ ZN + CU +ALK Copper + Mineral RO + UV + TDS Controller with Working UP To 3000 TDS/PPM Best For Home and Office stone (Made In India)


Price: ₹24,999 - ₹5,249.00
(as of Sep 01, 2023 16:30:53 UTC – Details)

Arroser Pure
Proven Copper+ Eco Mineral RO+UV+UF+TDS charges water with 99.8% pure copper, in real time. While as per traditional practice, water needs to be stored overnight.
1 year warranty* 12 Liter capacity; Booster Pump is required for the functioning of water purifier in case of inlet water pressure being less than 0.3kg/cm sq. Available through our service technician at an additional cost.
Ultra Filtration imparts crystal clear clarity to your drinking water in addition to making is safe from viral & bacterial contaminations* UV+UF removes viruses; Patented Mineral Guard Technology to retain essential minerals in your water
RO technology reduces TDS, hardness, and removes pesticides & heavy metals. Eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa & cysts
1 year warranty for electrical parts, except UV Lamp. Warranty starts from date of dispatch. Filters are consumables, get blocked or choked because of water only. If water quality is good filters life will be more, If water quality is bad (More turbidity or more TDS) Filters life will be less. so, not covered in Warranty. Electrical part will be send through; Installation will be completed within 48 to 72 hrs.
Installation charge 500 RS. please call on 7383824476

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