RAMA Gravity Water Filter and Purifier, 12 Litres Storage (24 Litre Total Capacity), Made with 304 High Grade Stainless Steel, 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Includes 4 Carbon Candle with Stainless Steel Tap


Price: ₹12,999 - ₹6,508.00
(as of Sep 01, 2023 16:34:53 UTC – Details)

[COCONUT SHELL BASED ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER] Coconut shell based carbon candles are safe for use in drinking water filtration systems. They do not release harmful chemicals or byproducts into the water. Drink fresh and bad odorless water with our high-performance water filter. Boasting a coconut shell-based charcoal carbon filter, it effectively removes Chlorine, unpleasant odors and impurities to ensure your water tastes and smells great every time.
[SAVE YOUR MONEY WITH OUR GRAVITY WATER FILTER] :Let’s say you spend to buy bottled water at 750 Rupees per month, that eventually costs you to spend 1.50 Rupees for each litre. Think Rama Water filter because your spending with Rama water filter is only 100 Rs in a month. It saves your money at a minimal spending of just 0.20 paise per litre, saving your money up to 650 per month thus Rama water filter guarantees taste of your water and your health as well.
[POWERFUL FILTERS, RETAIN MINERALS] The pair of RAMA Carbon Candles are made in a 20-year old facility high quality coconut-shell-activated carbon with other proprietary ingredients is compressed into a dense and porous block that adsorbs chlorine, lead and other contaminants in your tap water. Result: Great-tasting water filtered in a natural way, without removing occurring minerals in your tap water, vital to your health. Provide healthy drinking water to your childs, friends and pets as well
[24-LITRE WATER FILTER]: The RAMA Gravity Water Filter is the perfect solution for families of 6 or more people. It has a large capacity of 24 liters to meet your daily water needs, and it can also be used to make coffee, tea, wash vegetables, cook, and drink. The filter is made of 304-high-quality stainless steel and features 2 additional empty holes that allow you to add 2 more water filter candles. This design helps to improve filtration efficiency and provides you with clean, healthy water.
[ABOUT RAMA] We are the world’s No.1 manufacturer of Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter and Purifier Systems, sold globally, under various brands. Our mission is to deliver long-lasting products that are unmatched in quality, with a focus on continuous development. Our vision is to improve the drinking water standards and to enable access to clean, safe drinking water for everyone. We are in the field of 60 years and we have 10K+ happy and satisfied customers

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