Aqua SkyLand Copper filter + 18 L RO + UV + UF + TDS + COPPER FILTER Water Purifier | White,Blue

Price: ₹15,000 - ₹5,034.00
(as of Sep 01, 2023 15:57:28 UTC – Details)

This water purifier has a capacity of 18 Ltr ,so as to ensure continuous supply of purified water even when there is no electricity or running tap water. With a fully automatic operation, this purifier begins the purification process when the water level falls below maximum. It automatically stops when the tank is full or when there is no inlet supply of water.The consumables including the pre-sediment filter,pre-carbon filter,ultra violet chamber, RO membrane & filter will not covered under warranty ,Only electric parts covered warranty. Installation charges are 500-700/-in all over India. TERMS AND CONDITION 1) Installation charges Paid by customer( 500-700/-) .if customer will install by third party so warranty will avoid (withdrawal) . 2) Membranes and filter is not cover in warranty . 3) RO Membrane will cover standard TDS of water (upto 1500-2000TDS) . 4) Water Purifies body color may be differ against Shaw on website. 5) Warranty cover for 6 month ( PUMP , SMPS). 6) Our Executive Will solve customer problems within 24-48HR
Enhances PH and Taste of Water Recommended for those suffering from Mineral Deficiency and Acidity problem. This 4 in 1 Active Copper Antioxidant Mineral cartridge can be used as substitute of Post Carbon Filter. – Fits inside almost all major branded RO systems and Water Purifier Systems.
Active Copper Mineral Cartridges are also known as Copper alkaline filters & are installed after RO Membrane filter, to give soothing & sweet taste to the pure drinking water. This Active Copper Mineral Cartridge Filter also makes the water healthy for drinking by increasing the pH value of drinking water to above 7 & imparting essential bio minerals to the drinking water.
6 Months offsite warranty on all electronic parts, installation will be provided by seller, buyer has to pay RS. 500-700 for installation, our technician will visit buyer address within 24 to 48 hours After installation visit will be chargeable.SUNDAY closed.
Copper+ Cartridge consist of essential trace minerals including copper, calcium, magnesium and potassium which makes the water healthy for consumption
Installation charges are 500-700/-in all over India.

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